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Slow learner teaching and learning-thesis and articles

slow learner teaching and learning-thesis and articles

not physically or mentally disabled but only pace disabled. It assists visual discrimination and memory and the relation between visual and auditory patterns. Allow brighter children to help duller ones. This article aims to present few considerations on how to implement learner centered teaching in our daily pedagogic endeavors. Home Psychology Developmental Psychology Slow Learners How to Teach Slow Learner Children. (2 maintenance of Progress Record: Assessment of childrens progress is essential for recommending their entry into a higher group. (2) Reinforcement: Slow learners lack the experience of reinforcement in the home environment. (c) The Development of Independent Reading Aided by the use of Phonic Analysis and Other Word Recognition Techniques: Backward children are usually deficient in these abilities and require a systematic programme of word recognition exercises of reading progress is to be maintained. Organise the class in small, carefully selected group.

Grading of Work: In case of SL children the materials are to be graded to ensure continuous progress and feelings of success. If things are made too easy for the learners, they will not be inclined to use their own learning resources. In addition, the article includes tips, principles and challenges of learner centered teaching. Child Psychology and behavior. Educational excursions to places of historical, geographical, scientific and cultural interest may be conducted. Oral education is more beneficial for them.

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