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Technology in developing countries essay

technology in developing countries essay

flow periods to limit the concentration of pollutants Strong and consistent political leadership on water 28 Land planning (e.g. University of Missouri:. 4 Economic water scarcity edit Economic water scarcity applies to areas or cultures that lack the fiscal resources and/or human capacity to invest in water sources and meet the local demand. Explained by the United States Geological Survey (usgs the scarce of fresh water resource and push for supplying water of it is already a growing vital issue, especially in many arid regions around the world. 17 Because arsenic has no taste, no smell, and no color, its long term health risks can be harder for the inhabitants to grasp compared to the immediate threats caused by diarrhoea. Reverse osmosis systems use kinetic energy of incoming water pressure instead of electricity to allow the passage of the water through these filters, pushing out water and leaving the contaminants behind. These include: Improved management, enforcement and regulation for pre-treatment of industrial and agricultural waste, including charges for pollution 28 Policies to reduce agricultural run-off or subsidies to improve the quality and reduce the quantity needed of water polluting agricultural inputs (e.g. Due to surface water contamination due to lack of sewage treatment and industrial discharge, groundwater is becoming increasingly dependent on and exploited in many regions of India.

43 Some of these particles are minerals ideal for the human body, making it viable drinking water. Retrieved glaas 2010: UN-Water Global Annual Assessment of Sanitation and Drink-Water. "Arsenic contamination in groundwater and its effect on human health with particular reference to Bangladesh." Journal of Preventive and Social Medicine.

With its development-oriented postgraduate study programmes, the daad promotes the training of specialists from development and newly industrialized countries. The clean drinking water produced by the aquatap will be available to villagers at no cost to the villagers. Pollution reduction represents a more direct and low-cost method to improve water quality, compared to costly and extensive wastewater treatment improvements. "Challenges for Sustainable Water Quality Improvement in Developing Countries " (PDF). This document, written for an audience of water and/or health regulators and policy-makers, is intended to aid in the development of national drinking water quality standards. 16 This lack of precaution led to one of the largest mass poisoning of a population twenty years later because the ground water used for drinking is naturally contaminated with arsenic. It is common for women and girls to have to walk several kilometers every day to fetch water for their families. Water is often only available to those who can pay for it or those in political power; leaving millions of the world's poorest without access. Water can be treated and purified into freshwater with limited or no constituents through certain processes (Tebbutt, 1998). Also, developing countries are getting funds from wealthy countries to improve their road transport which has resulted in the development of rural remote areas. 39 The Water Project edit The Water Project, Inc is a non-profit organization that develops and implements sustainable water projects in Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, how to write an essay about your dad Sudan, and Uganda.

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