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Much madness is divinest sense thesis

much madness is divinest sense thesis

or Sense, however, but with the prospect of any judgments that have important ramifications, and with who has the power to make them. So the speaker is saying that those who say "yes" to the status quo are dubbed sane. There's consonance as well with repeated S sounds in "Madne ss i s divine s t, s en s e lines 2-3, to a discerning Eye, much Sense the starkest Madness. She's not necessarily saying that those whom society stamps as insane are smart and sensible in a practical way; instead, the describes their version of smarts as "divinest.".

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Line 3 also mirrors line 1 in its use of consonance with the repetition of the S soundbut that's no big surprise since the speaker is using some of the same words and shuffling them around. It teaches the reader that what appears as insane to one person may not be insane to another. The basis of the regular definition of sane is not reason but the thoughts and choice of the majority. One little objection and they straightway send dudes with straightjackets to your house. This commonness is what is actual madness. Line 1, much Madness is divinest Sense. This makes it even crazier that these types get labeled as "dangerous." By using the word "demur" the speaker highlights the fact that these types aren't really "dangerous" at all. In her seclusion, she wrote incredibly prolifically, freed from the constraints of societal responsibilities. She herself thought differently, hence she was a recluse throughout her lifetime. Dickinson is, throughout her poems, very concerned with the issue of truth, and the fact that it is almost impossible to ever really find.

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