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500 word essay world war 1

500 word essay world war 1

making others eliminate the risks. The Schlieffen plan was designed so Germany would not have to fight on 2 fronts and split up their troops. Germany had crossed Belgium in order to save distance and make it less tiring for 2 and a half million troops to cross the alps to get to France. They needed foreign markets after the increase in manufacturing caused by the Industrial Revolution. 1295 Words 6 Pages, great War, also known as The First World War, lasted for four year (1914 to 1918). Each country had a reason for wanting in the war. Willhem II was determined to make Germany recognised as a great nation and wanted an empire around the world. Serbia had an alliance with Russia. Another debated cause is imperialism, which is the policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations. 575 Words 3 Pages, wWI Causes, world War I, a war that started out locally in Europe between Austria-Hungary and Serbia that later ended up including thirty two different nations.

Free Essay: WWI Causes World War I, a war that started out locally in Europe.
A lso the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was believed to be one.
World War 1 Essay.
World War I - 666 Words.
World War I I will discuss the system of alliances between countries and the causes of World War.

Militarism is believed to also be one of the causes. In my opinion, the two major causes would be Alliance and Nationalism. They were very inaccurate, they werent very powerful, and they took a long time to re-load. Therefore you could say nationalism led to the war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary which later escalated into WWI. For example: Great Britain had the biggest navy in the world so nobody would be able to stop them. The Anglo-German Naval Race started when Germany wanted a big and powerful navy, but Britain was aware of their actions and invested huge amounts of money into building Dreadnoughts which are huge battle ships. The major cause will be one of the four long-term causes of WWI, which are Militarism, Alliance, Imperialism, and Nationalism. The Prussian system of draft and reserved armies impressed a lot of the. This war has been around for almost a century and yet the causes of it are still being debated. Austria-Hungary had the backing from Germany.

Cause of World War I Essay - 575 Words Bartleby World War 1 Essay Major Tests World War 1 Essay - 434 Words Major Tests

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