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Essay on environmental degradation caused by human activity

essay on environmental degradation caused by human activity

Control Boards and a number of scientific and technical institutions, universities, non-Governmental organizations etc. When the environment is fragmented, the large patches of habitat no longer exist. Additionally many land owners cut down trees to create space in which to plant crops and raise animals which eventually can lead to soil erosion. Man has been felling the tress for his various purposes. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, businesses should use green packaging which is easy to decompose gradually, waste treatment process should be installed in factories and citizens must begin to recycle goods and packaging whenever possible. Entire ecosystems are threatened with extinction. Though the disaster is not expected to happen tomorrow or a hundred years from now, that doesnt mean it will never happen at all. Read Well Reports Community well operators often produce monitoring reports on the safety of local wells. The problem is that it is now occurring at a much faster rate, therefore not leaving enough time for the environment to recover and regenerate. Needless to say that environmental degradation is one of the major global issues.

However when irrigation systems are badly designed the results can be disastrous. Leaving fields bare, or ploughing them up and diglycolamide leoncini phd thesis statement down the sides of a hill can cause severe soil erosion when it rains heavily as the soil has nothing keeping it in place. Big companies deal with this situation by giving public services called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Loss of sustainable logging potential and of erosion prevention, watershed stability and carbon sequestration provided by forests are among the productivity impacts of deforestation. Acceleration in poverty alleviation is imperative to break this link between poverty and the environment.

My pleasure having your suggestions and critics. Types of environmental degradation: There are many different types of environmental degradation. Effects: When factories produce harmful chemicals and toxic waste into bodies of water, humans suffer.

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