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A hook for athens and sparta essays

a hook for athens and sparta essays

by older children in fights, so they could become tough and strong. tags: Ancient History. Personal Background Leonidas was born in Greece Peloponnesian Peninsula in 530.C. All men that were citizens were able to participate in an assembly, hold office, vote, and serve on a jury.

The Spartan Warriors were highly disciplined, physically and mentally tough soldiers that were dedicated to their country and way of life. In society today the term warrior is used loosely and sometimes even associated with an athlete training for a specific event. Better Essays 714 words (2 pages preview - The history of Sparta was the great exception to the political evolution of the city-states. They obtained an over-populated region of Greece, and needed room for agriculture. The three hundred Spartans left home one day leaving their families behind, on a suicide mission to buy time for their countrymen to organize forces. The Spartans dedicated their lives to being the best warriors to walk the earth. Slaves could not do any of these things because they were not counted as citizens. It also serves as a warning that any society that becomes too rigid in its structure and too static in its values will not last long when confronted with more agile and adaptable cultures. Corinth representatives describe the Athenians as innovators who loved to carry out plans: the Athenians took risks and never hesitate to jump into a battle in order to defend their territory.

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