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Human rights and terrorism research paper

human rights and terrorism research paper

the demarcations and/or dichotomy between civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights, the paper insists on the granting of the latter. Summary, this paper explores the relationship between terrorism and human rights from the international legal perspective. Read the paper in full. It first reviews the definitional content of terrorism and human rights and then discusses their doctrinal interactionsconsidering terrorism as both a cause and a product of human rights violations and addressing counter-terrorism efforts as a source of human rights violations that can themselves generate support. It concludes with some observations about issues of international terrorism in the context of refugee law, criminal law and humanitarian law as well as some recommendations for future action. Hence, it is recommended that Africa should strengthen its human rights regime to encapsulate economic, social and cultural rights as an effective preventive and responsive antiterrorism tool. International terrorism has also become a dominant factor in international relations but no agreed definition of terrorism exists, much less effective international mechanisms for punishing terrorists. This thinking deconstructs the interconnections between anti-terrorism and human rights protection, and explains the ambivalence of peace and security in the continent. A comprehensive, binding convention is needed to criminalize terrorism and establish effective mechanisms requiring terrorists (and their aiders and abettors) to compensate their victims.

Uncted Border Management Database, a comprehensive compilation of international legal instruments, standards, recommended practices and other guidance material, intended to serve as a single point of reference on the various legal and practical matters relating to counter-terrorism aspects of border management. The database is maintained by uncted (UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate). This is because while current Africas anti-terrorism mechanisms seemed to be influenced by the former, terrorism feeds on the non-justiciability of the latter to indoctrinate and recruit foot soldiers. As a result, the international legal system remains incomplete, sometimes inconsistent. Key points, the international human rights revolution has transformed the landscape of the international community, with an increasing number of bodies empowered to issue binding decisions. Abstract, this paper examines gonski review research papers the conceptions of human rights and terrorism, and narrows these conceptions to the contestations that have characterized the African political landscape in recent times. We must acknowledge that human rights violations can be a main generator of terrorist violence and that repressive counter-terrorism practices are demonstrably counter-productive. This paper explores the relationship between terrorism and human r ights from the international legal perspective. It first reviews the definitional. This paper examines the conceptions of human rights and terrorism, and narrows the se conceptions to the contestations that have characterized the African.

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