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When you are old analysis essay you

when you are old analysis essay you

more content?And love the sorrows of your changing face? We dont want to suggest anything overly literal here, but only hell as a kind of metaphor. He was dead and gone and his soul must either be hovering among the mountains or it must have become part of the galaxy of the stars overhead. She would be reminded of the loveliness of her eyes that she once possessed and of their deep shadows. She will truly have become imprisoned in her own future shallowness. The third stanza again presents a current situation projected into the woman's old age.

Historical Background of When You are Old. "When You Are Old" is a short lyric of twelve lines in three stanzas. We can guess that the book referred to above would be one by Yeatsspecifically one containing poems about the beauty of Maude Gonne. In this way, Yeats feels only he can really appreciate where Gonnes truest beauty lies. Eyes are actually one of traits that perhaps, in terms of exterior appearance, age the slowest. They both share, to at least a degree, Irish nationalismand both at the time were interested in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Instead, the eyes have lost their soft look, theyve lost their shadows deep.

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