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Jumble sale essay

jumble sale essay

or vinyl records. It is important not to travel more than about five miles otherwise the exercise can prove too costly. EBay is good for branded good and collectables, while car boot sales are good for selling tools and toys, domestic equipment and the sort of anonymous, average china, glass or costume jewellery that does not sell well online because it can't be precisely described and. My advice is to take a book - it staves off the boredom! If you have a computer, eBay is a far easier if lengthier option. A fun way to make some cash. See you on Sunday! At the first I made approximately 80 and at the second I just about broke even for the price of the pitch.

Do a reccy, go to m or yourbooty to choose a location. The nine o'clockers will pay better. Remember why you came. Car boot versus computer, don't rush off to sell until you have worked out the value of your 'junk' and where the best place to sell it might. Rule four: it's probably best not to label your goods with prices, but instead have a good mental picture of what you've got and what you want for. This is the modern world, i did a car boot sale and was surprised how little people were prepared to pay - they would haggle over a price tag of 50p. Rule two: take a helper. We take a folding pasting table, folding chairs, sheets of plastic to spread on the ground (good for displaying clothes warm jackets, sun hats, an umbrella, food, flask, a float with change and a copy of the Guardian for slack periods. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that Skimlinks cookies will be set. Take a chair, what is a reflective essay ppt wet wipes, carrier bags for buyers, sandwiches and a drink.

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