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Essay about lupus

essay about lupus

needs to function well, it gives you signals that something is wrong. This disease makes the body attack its own cells and tissues. Pay attention to these symptoms and seek medical advice if you experience them. There are four different types of lupus: Lupus Erythematosus (LE Lupus Vulgaris, Neonatal Lupus, and Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus (scle). However, lupus can be effectively treated with drugs, and most people with the disease can lead active, healthy lives. (Pratt and Hallegua, 2002). He takes 15 pills a day just to make it through the day. For the rare patient where steroids are inadequate, treatment is available with a number of more potent drugs specifically directed at suppressing the formation of the abnormal antibodies which occur persuasive speech on recycling 2015 in SLE. Central Idea : Knowing the history, the symptoms, and treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) help us to take it seriously. Being diagnosed with lupus involving the kidneys can be life threatening and may develop in half from those with this disease. Patients are now being identified far earlier and therapy, if necessary, is generally more effective.

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Lupus is a disease that flares up and goes into remission. Most genes are involved in the development of Lupus. Reliable Community and Web Resources - Lupus Foundation of pus. Lupus, is a challenging autoimmune disease. We also attempt to provide opportunities for members to meet and share in a personal way as well as to offer support to those who are in need. This is probably due to the passage of abnormal antibodies through the placenta into the fetal blood stream. Patients with DLE are frequently otherwise well. There is not a certain reason as to how good english writing essays lupus develops, but there are a few studies trying to figure it out. Jason is living with. Another person with lupus can have their internal organs affected without knowing, however can only be determined by lab tests.

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