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Patriot act essay conclusion

patriot act essay conclusion

didnt they see it coming? The Feeling of Patriotism, patriotism is not just love and respect for ones country but also the will to serve. History of the USA Patriot Act.

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Essay and cons patriot act Usa pros.
Subject: ACT, Patriot Act.
University/College: University of California.
Type of paper: Essay.

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It is believed that this was only done so that the Supreme Court would not hear the case because the Bush Administration would have been found guilty of wrongdoing. USA Patriot Act, this Act may be cited as the "Uniting and Strengthening America Act" by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism. For Internet users, it opens the door for widespread surveillance of web surfing, e-mails and peer-to-peer systems. Their argument was that the president could not change legislation that had been passed by Congress and say that he would ignore part of it that he did not agree with. It is about abiding the laws and acting responsibly by paying taxes. It was a recycled compilation of many extreme "wish lists." In the post 9/11 wake of fear, it became a reality. A lot of thing would be different today if that question could half been answered prior to 9/11. Introduction, patriotism is the feeling of love, respect and pride for ones country. With this power the president was able to have anyone that was believed to be a threat to the government would be arrested and deported. The youth scarlet letter tone essays on sin today is hardworking and intelligent and is serving the country in its own unique way. Zeljak concludes the article by stating that Americans must wonder whether we are sacrificing essential liberties in the fight against terrorism, and ends with a provocative question. Search warrants will be easier to obtain, and they will be broader in scope.

patriot act essay conclusion

Zeljak takes a clear stance against the Patriot Act, considering it a flagrant violation of American citizens constitutionally-guaranteed rights against illegal surveillance. Free Essay : USA Patriot Act This Act may be cited as the "Uniting and Strengthening America Act" by providing appropriate tools required. This is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of search and seizure. Conclusion The soldiers are fighting to give another country the right to have the.

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