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Essay on pollution in china

essay on pollution in china

the Yangtze. Afterward, recycling to manage plastic waste was encouraged by the State Environmental Protection Administration. Two of its important rives, the Yellow River and Yangtze River have been polluted and environment degradation has led to reduced level of water in these rivers. The authoritarian rule of the communist regime has made it difficult to enforce environmental laws. . It is only recently when Beijing tried to come up with a magic formula to clears its polluted skies ahead of the 2008 Olympic games. 13Continuous intimidation and arrest of the environmental crusaders and non government organizations casts doubt on the government plan to have a green economy. Coal as a source of energy is leading source of environmental pollution and this may explain the reasons why unless there are strategic changes in sources of energy, environmental problem will continue.

The countries leaders never really considered what actions they were taking then would affect the land a couple of decades later during the mid to late 90?s. White Pollution in China Essay introduction?

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For example Lake Tai, which has been for centuries supporting fish and important source for agriculture has been polluted with toxic cyanobacteria called pond scuma. According to the World Bank, Chinese industries uses around four to ten times more water in production than the industrialized nations. Compared the United States, chains consumer twice as much coal consuming around.8 billion metric tons of coals every year. This growth is coming from growth of heavy industries and increased urbanization which has come with increased demand for energy with a cheap option of dirty coal available. As a result more than two million people who live around the canals, rice paddies and chemical plants by the side of the lake can no longer use the water for drinking or cooking. More Essay Examples. Usually, people just discarded the white disposable containers where they wanted, even just threw out of train windows, causing a huge awful mess throughout China. Dealing with the problem paints a grim picture ahead. Sulfur dioxide emitted by Chinese industries fall as acid rain on other neighboring countries like Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo and others. Ironically, some people said that the enormous white waste looked like the White Great Wall or a white blanket (Yu, 2006).

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