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Internet addiction essay

internet addiction essay

On the same note, low productivity results due to time distortion. Internet addictions cause procrastination of work. He concludes that the percentage that people are using the internet is very high; Because of that high amount of percentage, many people drag themselves very much attached to the Web that affects them and leading them to have mental disorders. On the other hand, it makes us suspicious, because we are afraid that somebody will nose out our secret info. The usage of internet has increased to a great extent that it started interfering in other key areas of life such as education, work, and relationship, physical and emotional health. In relation 99 problems law essay to addiction, internet users have both short-term and long-term effects that include forgotten responsibilities, weight gain, backache, neck pain, and syndrome and vision problems. There are hundreds of people suffering from internet addiction and it can be treated easily.

Some of the possible effects of internet addiction are. Using internet for long hours with the purpose of spending time can cause negative consequences in individuals in terms of broken relationship, increased anxiety, reduced productivity or financial distress. The advent of social media has created an obsession to share personal life with the world. People who are shy find it difficult to interact with others and many develop internet addiction. Such side effects can be minimized through prioritization of activities.

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Someone who is addicted to a substance is prone to become addicted to other activities. Many teenagers had lost their social life because their attention is all about video and Internet games. On the same note, various psychological and emotional problems associated with internet addictions include restlessness, boredom, loneliness, sadness, irritability, mood swings, and depression among others. Are you still here? I also chose this paragraph because it supports the main idea or the thesis statement. The most common assessment to make diagnosis of internet addiction include problematic internet use questionnaire, compulsive internet use scale and internet addiction test. People with mental disorder like depression, stress, anxiety may self-medicate by using internet to relieve their symptoms. Using internet as a way of escaping reality or negative mood can be a sign of internet addiction. He also writes about the program restart; a treatment for the Internet Addiction disorder. When someone is immersed in online activities for a longer period, it means they are not interested in real world activities. Some people might use internet to connect with their family the moment of truth narrative essay members who are staying far away.

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