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Genetics lab report

genetics lab report

inevitable to mention this distinguished scholar whenever the term genetics comes. Drosophila Virtual Genetics Lab. Results: Part A- Observed Ratios of Green to Albino Seedlings # of green seedlings #of Albino seedlings Ratio of green to albino seedlings 71 18 3:1 1.8.1, 3:1 Total: 89 This graph shows that there is a 3:1 ratio of green. Weeks to hatch and the group only had six weeks to finish the experiment, the.

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Drosophila Genetics: Applying Mendelian Principles through Experimental and Empirical Methodology Jayanth (Jay) Krishnan.A. The reciprocal cross was made of white female flies. Part B- Dihybrid Cross (F2 progeny) #purple starchy (smooth purple sweet (wrinkled) #yellow starchy (smooth yellow sweet(wrinkled). He crossed a white eyed male with a red eye female. The f2 generation produced both white and red-eyed males, while all the females remained red eyed.

Introduction: Drosophila melanogaster, more commonly known as the fruit fly, has been used extensively used. The principles generated by Mendels pioneering experimentation are the foundation for genetic counseling so important today to families with health disorders having a genetic basis. No apparent cost of evolved immune response in Drosophila melanogaster.

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