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Aqa biology homeostasis essay

aqa biology homeostasis essay

glands (endocrine glands) which secrete the hormones into the blood The hormones are carried in the blood plasma to the target cells to which they act. Controls under normal resting conditions The two divisions are antagonistic meaning that their effects oppose one another Control of heart rate Changes of the heart rate are controlled by a region of the brain called the medulla oblongata which has two main divisions One division. Structure of a synapse Synapses use neurotransmitters to send impulses between neurons The gap between two neurons is called the synaptic cleft The neuron that produces neurotransmitters is called the presynaptic neuron The axon of the presynaptic neuron ends in a presynaptic knob The presynaptic. Genetic variation and speciation.43. The corpuscle therefore has a resting potential When pressure is applied, the membrane of the neuron is stretched causing sodium channels to widen therefore allowing sodium to diffuse into the neuron The influx of sodium ions cause a change in the polarity of the neuron. The shaded side of the root therefore grows faster, causing the shoot to bend towards the source of light IAA can also effect the bending of roots towards gravity. How microscopes have television essay in telugu contributed to ourunderstanding of living organisms (Jan 2005).25. Sodium channels on the postsynaptic membrane are now closed due to the absence of acetylcholine attached to receptor sites. Diffusion is the process by which substances spread from regions of high concentration to regions of low concentration. If solute concentration in the env is higher than in cellhypertonichypotonicout of cell.

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Acetylcholinesterase hydrolyses acetylcholine back into the acetyl and choline which will the diffuse back across the synaptic cleft into the presynaptic neuron. This section then increases the number of impulses sent to the. The peripheries of the eye receive a low light intensity and therefore consist mainly of rod cells. This means that one impulse can create a number of simultaneous responses A number of different impulses can be combined at a synapse. The role of DNA in living organisms.41. 3 Control of heart rate The Autonomic nervous system Controls subconscious activities of muscles and glands Has two main divisions: The sympathetic nervous system Speeds up activities and thus allows us to cope with stressful situations (fight or flight response) The parasympathetic nervous system Inhibits. Structure and function of a pacinian corpuscle Responds to mechanical pressure Occurs in ligaments and joints so that it is possible to tell which direction a joint is changing The neuron of a pacinian corpuscle is in the centre of layers of tissue, each separated. As a result, cone cells are responsible for higher visual acuity since they allow you to better distinguish between two points Light is concentrated by a lens to the centre of the eye called the fovea. Histamine Stored in white blood cells and is secreted due to the presence of antigens. Can remove cell debris and are associated with nerve regeneration.

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