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Greasy lake essay prompts

greasy lake essay prompts

always like this but instead was named Wakan by the Indians, the name being a reference to the clarity of its waters. The narrator swings the tire iron at the greasy character and it strikes him across his ear. The narrator comments that losing his keys after unknowingly instigating a fight is his first mistake, the one that opened the whole floodgate, (131) foreshadowing the grave and life-threatening events to come. As the character ventures to the lake on the night that the majority of the story takes place in, it is not difficult for the reader to correctly predict that some action he takes will lead to some unfortunate event for him and his friends. The lake itself is described as fetid and murky, the mud banks glittering with broken glass and strewn with beer cans and the charred remains of bonfires. While walking home late one night, Akaky is beaten and has his brand new jacket stolen. Coraghessan Boyle, the reader notices that the writing voice of Boyle is quite distinct.

We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample. ANY topic specifically, fOR YOU, for Only.90/page order now, boyles distinct way of writing satire is apparent in most of his stories. Coraghessan Boyle employs the setting to reflect the state of morality and corruption of a societys youth, create an appropriate atmosphere, and better develop the characters of the story. Setting: Greasy Lake. Just from looking at the sun reflecting off of the new moon, everyone was sparked with intense sexual desires that continuously intensified until everyone started to have sex in the open.

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Right before me, on the platform, in the seats reserved for foreign diplomats, out over the seething lawn, they were kicking off shoes, hoisting shirt fronts and brassieres, dropping cummerbunds and Jockey shorts. Wakan is the term the narrator tells us the Indians had used to describe the lake. The narrator continues to describe the lake with such a horrid atmosphere when he and his friends arrive. The fact that the lake is dirty, murky and corrupt and that the narrator is metaphorically cleaned by it tells the reader that narrator must have been more bad than the lake before he was submerged in it- otherwise the water would have made him. The instant before the narrator swings the tire iron at the greasy man, he had already begun to imagine the conversation between himself and the detective working the murder case. In the short story essay Greasy Lake.

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