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Thesis theme header padding

thesis theme header padding

window and the top of your header image (kind of like mine, above). . Its font weight is hard coded and its color is set in Design Options. Header Style One Menu Height, the menu by default on header style 1 has a line height and fixed height of 50px to add spacing between links and dropdowns. If you dont have the plugin just navigate to your custom folder and edit the the s file in the text editor of your choice. Full-width Framework Header Hierarchy #header #logo #tagline, full-width Framework Header Selectors #header, this selector is the main container for the header. Want to see some examples of thesis headers that Ive done? It is labeled Custom Stylesheet (see below). . To insert your new header, just copy and paste the following into your s file, making sure to change the height, width, and url to match your own values: This line sets up our clickable background image based on the site title's link Adjust the. Step 2: Upload your new custom header graphic to the custom/images directory of your thesis theme installation. The following lines control the whitespace at the very top of the page (i.e., above the header image).

Removing the whitespace at the top of your Thesis blog Lance Topic: Header Padding and Spacing WordPress How to Add a Custom Banner Image to the Thesis Theme Header

Once I send them a completed product, Ive 150 essays that worked tufts found that most people arent quite sure how to replace the default header text with their new header logo. Appearance Customize Header General to alter the default settings. #header #logo, this sets the font size from Design Options and gets a calculated line height. Simple Custom CSS and JS and use this jQuery code: (function (window).on load resize scroll function / as normal get the height on scroll setTimeout(function / refresh height after duration to catch nav-container height after transition-duration, 300 In my honest opinion its not really that. On the page that comes up, the first editable text box will be your s file. Disable Sticky Header Shrink (Header Style One Only). #logo, this is the Blog title. Similar to above the font size comes from Design Options while the line height is calculated by Thesis. To try this, download and activate a plugin for custom Javascript like. Maybe this special scroll behaviour is okay for your needs).

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