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My favorite language essay

my favorite language essay

Tower Hamlets LEA. She used praise a lot, but it wasn't given easily. Ive always been an enthusiastic person, Ive always wanted to know as much as possible about the world around us and I realized that by being able to communicate in English I had more chances to find out interesting things. It's been said, many times in many ways, that. She expected a lot of work and wouldn't accept less than we were capable. At Wellington school in Tower Hamlets lots of children have another language. Margaret Libreri was head of Wellington primary school, Tower Hamlets, the most improved primary in last year's league tables.

For the first time we had a channel completely dedicated to cartoons: Cartoon Network. I grew up in Dublin, and went to an all-girls secondary school. I wasn't a native speaker - my family spoke English at home - it just happened that my mother thought it was a good school. Posts : 247, re: What's your favorite language? It became an important part of my every day life and I decided to work hard on my vocabulary and improve my grammar. It gave me the skills to enjoy reading more. It was a pleasant surprise that there was a lesson where we talked about books, and evaluated and criticised them. My Favorite Language, when I have to say something about my first recollection of English I start smiling.

Having such a thing after years of Communism was really a big deal and we were very enthusiastic about. I enjoyed most lessons at secondary school, but my favourite was English. We put the emphasis on them learning English, but supported their development in their first language too.

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