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Essays on my ambition in life

essays on my ambition in life

noble prize in the field of science for my country. And if this dream doesnt exist you cant say that you have lived your life to the full. In the moments of solitary meditation when we are alone with ourselves and we can no longer lie or delude ourselves, we ask the fundamental question: why do I have to die, why is it that my life must end, why is my existence finite. I would like to be a doctor. This flood of questions used to arise in my mind and I used to feel disturbed when I did not get any reasonable explanation. Rather I think that fame is like a bubble which can burst on anyway. Do the plants live like human beings? From My Ambition To home page. Of course, the process of creation augments substantially the spiritual energies of the individual, it even makes him think that he represents the supreme measure of the generating principle of life, but the work, the product of this process does not succeed in conveying all. But in my opinion when you have an ambition it means that you are living for fulfilling it, you live your life to the full, you are completely dedicated and focused on what you want to achieve or fulfil.

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This thought gives me encouragement. I think that heart is just a pumping station and can easily be replaced. Are all diseases of human beings curable? Service to the sorrowing humanity will be my mission and I shall try to live up. The only purpose in a mans life is fulfilling his dream, because am ambition can be associated with a dream. I would never deny treatment to anyone because he has no money, for poverty is not a crime. Even during my childhood, I used to think of many problems concerning science. But I have no aptitude for figure-work.

General Human wants and ambitious are unlimited, Moreover, man is also ambitious by nature, however a good and positive ambition can built.
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An ambition gives meanings and purpose to life and the purpose gives.

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