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Analytical essay on their eyes were watching god

analytical essay on their eyes were watching god

experienced true love. He or she asks him or herself questions like: Did Teacake really steal her money and leave or will Jeanie Just finally give up on her ream of finding love. This idea is represented with all three relationships Janie has in the novel. In this love story written by Zora Neale Hurston, we find out that the main character, Janie saw her life as a great tree filled with many trials and tribulations. The story details the protagonists life story including three marriages, it is only at the end of the book that Janie can be herself and feels complete. He used her for slavery but Janie refused to accept this lifestyle.

The reader for the first time experiences one of the qualities of true love alongside of Jeanie. A 1925 copy of the New York Herald Tribune said we are on the edge, if not in the midst, of what might not improperly be called a Negro Renaissance (Rood 38).

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(Hurst 25) The reader knows that Genies has partially given up on her dream of marriage but still wants her to find love. Going from man to man only intuiting the tyrannical cycle of being property. (Huston 118) Jeanie soon discovers that Teacake is also gone. Critical Analysis: Their Eyes Were Watching God specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Critical Analysis: Their Eyes Were Watching God specifically for you. He thinks she doesn t take a bit of interest in the farm (Hurston 30). Tea Cake had given so much love to Janie that would last her whole life. All of this anticipation and speculation on the readers part was precisely planned by Zorn Neal Hurst to keep the reader interested in her novel. Logan treats her like a slave, using her for cooking and cleaning. Nanny is stuck in the past.

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