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Non-dissertation doctorate degree

non-dissertation doctorate degree

secure link to take the electronic survey. The Graduate School also recognizes professional doctorates awarded in preparation for the autonomous practice of a profession. Getting started on your Doctor of Business Administration is a quick and simple process. Dissertation The results of a candidates individual inquiry must be presented in a written dissertation comprising a genuine contribution to knowledge in the particular academic field. 698) may be applied. UAB does not determine the official degree type awarded as this is governed by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education and the Board of Trustees after receiving a program proposal. The final committee-approved dissertation must be submitted for final review as a single PDF no later than 2 weeks (10 business days) following the published deadline date for the public defense.

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The time, date, and location of this examination is reported to the Graduate School via the online Request for Thesis or Dissertation Approval forms and must be submitted at least 10 days before the public defense. Application for Degree/Certificate Candidates for a masters degree must notify their program and the Graduate School of their intent to graduate by submitting the Application for Degree/Certificate by the appropriate deadline. 698) can be applied, and 6 semester hours of thesis research (i.e. If the rebuttal is accepted, the student is passed on their thesis defense. If degree candidates are covered by the student health insurance policy, hold an assistantship, or have student loans, it may be necessary to register for a prescribed minimum number of credit hours to retain these benefits Students should check with the appropriate office(s) if retention. Without verification, the student may not be allowed to register for the current term or continue enrollment and will be in jeopardy of losing his or her acceptance to the university as well as all financial aid. Through the study of business theory, core business functions, contemporary strategic and operational business challenges, and applied research culminating with a dissertation, students will be prepared to develop and lead initiatives for innovation and change and expand organizational capacity. Responsible Conduct in Research requirements must be completed within four (4) years prior to applying for candidacy as they expire after that time. . The UAB Publication Agreement, Survey of Earned Doctorates, and Graduate School Exit Survey must also be submitted. The students graduate department or program should provide a course planning curriculum worksheet along with the students application for degree. Identification, analysis, and interpretation of researchable topics are studied, utilizing qualitative and quantitative software, to ultimately improve policies, programs, and practice in an organizational setting. Graduate faculty appointments and instructions for requesting new appointments are

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