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Thesis statement for anti abortion

thesis statement for anti abortion

movement with the Catholic Church, have now attempted to discredit Church authority by arguing that its teaching on abortion has been, throughout history, inconsistent, self-contradictory, unscientific and politically inspired. There is consensus on this point by all scholars who have studiously investigated the Church's teaching on abortion. 19 Paolo Zacchia, Quaestiones medico-legales (Lyons: 1701 lib. By any theory of 'animation abortion is gravely wrong. Two rather salient facts make it apparent that the anti-abortion movement is not identifiable with the new Catholic Church: 1) the presence of hundreds of thousands of non-Catholic individuals who actively oppose abortion, together with the existence of many anti-abortion groups who are affiliated with. Huser, The Crime of Abortion in Canon Law (Washington.C.: Catholic Univ.

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The notion that the fetus could be unformed was more compatible with contemporary Greek thought, which had already believed that human life begins at some stage in fetal development when "ensoulment" or "animation" takes place. Aristotle had identified this time of animation with observable movement and teacher scholastic write book review believed it differed according to sex: In the case of male children the first movement usually occurs on the right-hand side of the womb and about the fortieth day, but if the child. 18 Thomas Fienus (Feynes De formatrice fetus liber (Antwerp: 1620. Raynaud's position was unique for his time and had no adherents for the next two centuries. Jerome had translated the Bible into Latin directly from Hebrew and therefore avoided the erroneous Septuagint version of the celebrated Exodus passage. Finally, in the words of scholar David Granfield: To summarize, throughout its history, the Catholic Church has resolutely opposed the practice of abortion. In general, Fienus argues that the soul must be present at the beginning in order to organize the body. The Aristotelian notion of a succession of souls or "functions" of one soul (first vegetative, then sentient, and finally rational) made no sense to him.

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