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Police deviance essays

police deviance essays

awareness of citizens involvement in policing has led to a number of issues regarding the involvement of citizen in curtailing police deviance and ensuring police accountability. The third is technically known as the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics (Dempsey. The pervasive organized theory explains how lack of police supervision may also increase their engagement in deviant behaviors. Police officers in the United States are given tremendous authority and wide latitude in using that authority. What is police deviance? It also aims to talk about the ethical standards in policing.

As expected corruption brings about negative effects and these include the following: 1) it only motivates others to practice corruption also especially if police officers realize that there is a slight possibility of getting caught; 2) the police department is affected and the publics respect. For example the 1982 shooting of a black man by police in Toronto led to street riots (Ewins, 2004). Policing and Society, Vol. Often times officers receive payments in order to look the other way when it comes to certain crimes. These behaviors consist of police corruption, police misconduct, and police brutality. This problem seems inherent in the police institution the country. The other theory is pervasive organized theory which asserts that police deviance is not limited to few officers but several police officers engage in actively and passively deviance behaviors. This means that for any action to be considered deviance there has to be an agreement or a code of conduct that defines what is expected. Police corruption has been considered as a crime geared towards profit (Chapter 9). . A police officer who fails to conform to ethical standards may be more prone to organizational and legal deviance (MacLennan, 2003). Police corruption may also include framing a suspect to maybe divert attention from another suspect they are helping.

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