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Gerhard richter essay

gerhard richter essay

distance the artist introduced by scraping off the paint causes the historical to become an object of reflection. Another is of the public burial of Baader, Ensslin, and Raspe. If it firmly displays an idea, it is an idea of doubt or longing. But when Richter takes up the genre of history painting in his painting. The images of the catastrophe were immediately disseminated simultaneously and ubiquitously on television, via the Internet and in print media, so that the motifs of the burning and collapsing skyscrapers are ineradicably engraved in our collective memory. There are debates between the formal and the spiritual, between windows and mirrors, betweenas Robert Storr puts it in the title of his 2003 catalogue accompanying a retrospective of Richters work at the Museum of Modern Artdoubt and belief. It implies a type of questioning not easily expressed in the painting itself. Above all, it was able to overcome visually the finality of death and hence the implicit danger of forgetting by making the sitters immortal by elevating and idealising them.

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If the great endeavor of painters since the early fourteenth century was to create paintings that appeared to be windows into reality by using such techniques as two-point perspective, Richter has carried that tradition to its logical conclusion by creating a painting that appears. Her attention is fixed on the gray field, and thus she draws our attention to it also. Standing in front of it, it is reasonable to ask questions like: What is a painting? Windows and Mirrors: Two Ways of Seeing Painting. As a group, the October 18, 1977 paintings seem to argue that there is meaning to be discovered in this story.

Inventory magazine Gerhard Richter Painting Posted on May 8, 2013 b y Matthew Klassen 01 Image. Essay; Photography and Painting in the Work of Gerhard Richter, 1999. The publi cation includes essays by Benjamin.D.

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