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Moritz grossmann prize essays

moritz grossmann prize essays

title of manuscript, names and places of correspondents, cross-references to other items. Years 45-7 Non-Scientific Correspondence - A 45-360 to to Non-Scientific Correspondence - B - Folder I 45-459 to to Non-Scientific Correspondence - B - Folder II 45-547 to to Non-Scientific Correspondence - B - Folder III 45-629 to to Non-Scientific Correspondence - C 45-731. Biographical material.1 Travel diaries (Reel 29) This sub-section contains Einsteins travel diaries to various locations around the world. Material chiefly in German and English; some material in French, Italian, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and other languages. Jerusalem, Israel, extent and medium of the Collection. Years 2-5(a) Manuscripts Unpublished 2-069 to to 1921 2-5(b) Manuscripts Unpublished 2-091 to to Manuscripts Unpublished 2-122 to 2-148. Einstein's Biographical Timeline, the Early Years 1879, born March 14 at 11:30 AM in Ulm, Germany 1880, einstein family moves to Munich, pupil at Catholic elementary school in Munich. Adler, Alfred, Adler, Friedrich, Adler, Victor, Albert I, King of the Belgians, Anschütz-Kmpfe, Hermann, Aron, Willy, 1902- Arrhenius, Svante, Asch, Sholem, Baade, Walter, Baeck, Leo, Balzac, Honoré de, Barbusse, Henri, Bargmann, Valentine, Barjansky, Alexander Barnett, Lincoln Kinnear, 1909- Barthel, Max, Batista y Zaldivar, Fulgencio, altruism essays Pres. Existence and Location of Originals In part, originals held by numerous repositories holding Einstein material around the world.

Years 3 3-1(a) epfl phd thesis jury Lecture Notebooks: Zurich, Weber II (b) Lecture Notebooks: Zurich, Weber I Lecture Notebooks: Zurich, III, IV, V 3-003 to to Research Notebook: Gravitation Theory and Statistical Physics Lecture Notebooks: Zurich, VII 3-006 to to to Notebooks: viii Notebooks: IX Notebooks: X 3-008. Conditions Governing Access Part of family correspondence closed until July 2006 due to stipulation of donor. Kamerlingh Onnes, Heike, Kapitsa, Petr Leonidowich, Katzenstein, Moritz, Kaufmann, Walter, Kazantzakis, Nikos, Kemeny, John., 1926- Kestenberg, Leo, Keyserling, Hermann Graf von, Klein, Felix, Klein, Martin., 1924- Kleiner, Alfred, Koenig, Walter, Kokoschka, Oskar, Kopff, August, Korn, Arthur, Kothari, Daulath Singh, Kottler, Friedrich, Kowalewski, Gerhard. Years 5-4 Obituaries Written by Einstein-chronological 5-125 to to 1955 Reel Folder Item Title Range of Item Nos. Years 34 34-5 Musicians 34-320 to 34-406 Reel Folder Item Title Range of Item Nos. Einstein's private library: Einstein's personal library was transferred to The Jewish National University Library in 1987, following the death of Einstein's step-daughter, Margot Einstein. I 30-105 to to Honorary Degrees, etc.

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