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Argument essay about marijuana legalization

argument essay about marijuana legalization

risk of development of serious mental diseases, such as schizophrenia (psychosis) and depressions. All these arguments cons should be used in marijuana should not be legalized essay. With this and other added public pressure from. The fact that marijuana is illegal today is sufficiently caused by the amount of money, jobs, and pride invested in the war on drugs. It is completely irrational to have such a potentially beneficial drug illegal, while thousands of Americans die each year from legal drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco. Animal testing argumentative essay may be helpful in your future practice, so we offer you to look through it carefully! Essay about, marijuana, legislation: Marijuana, should Be, legalized. The effect depends on the taken quantity. I believe that if marijuana offers suffering patients extra quality time from their life then attempts to legalize it needs support. This is hauntingly familiar to the prohibition era of gangsters when alcohol was illegal in the 1920s.

If a marijuana black market did not exist there would not be any reason for illegal activity to be associated with marijuana. Male hemp plants (does not contain THC) now grow in the.S. In this paper I will e government adoption thesis be discussing both views on if it should, or shouldnt be legalized, also if marijuana does posses medical value, and if our nation would benefit for legalization. After 130 years of being able to grow and consume marijuana, the potential problems of marijuana were brought into the public eye in 1932. If marijuana did cause brain damage, would the jama be in favor of legalizing it? Having legitimized marijuana, more and more people will take this slippery slope. The scientific community rejected Nahass connections between the petri dishes and human beings because the data was invalid. It is very simple. As marijuana has a bad brand, many patients will not buy and use it because of the fear. For cancer patients, marijuana reduces nausea and increases the appetite (Cauchon 4A). The argument over whether marijuana should be legalized has been going on since the 70s when the war on drugs began, and probably will be going on for many years to come.

Marijuana in bigger quantity works as sedative substance (activity suppression). Intensifying incidents from the past of the person at the level lower than his understanding, marijuana can break adequacy of perception of the world surrounding him. In case of the legal status of marijuana population narcotization level across the nation will increase for sure.

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