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Robert smithson in his essay cultural confinement

robert smithson in his essay cultural confinement

the realm of art because everyone likes to identify with it and because it suggests that the mysterious noi means us; in other words, the art world and art per se is revolutionary. In either of its historical emergences, institutional critique was a practice mainly, if not exclusively, conducted by artists, and directed against the (art) institutions, as a critique of their ideological and representative social function(s). Beuyss gesture was welcome because it suggested that art could act on society, but not the other way round. Nechvatal successfully plunged into the depths where art, technology and theory meet. Some Void Thoughts On Museums, Arts Magazine, February 1967.

Deconstructing the hidden erotic meaning of the ballet by aping pornographic scenes, he made them into voyeurs. By the end of the 1960s, the winner of this struggle was clear, namely the museums. With a rapidly growing international public, with an expanding art market and with the enormous appetite of collectors and museums for ever-new works of art, the mediation of art became a valuable resource. The answer is that the art world the community of cutting-edge artists, critics, curators and dealers was afraid that it would undermine the tacit agreement that it and the rebellious students stood on the same side in those turbulent years. Muehl, I would argue, produced two mirror images, one of the repressive structures of European post-war society, the other of the authoritarian structure of the emerging art world.

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