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Galileo galilei essay in english

galileo galilei essay in english

you! Ask our professional writer! Then he spends four years looking for a job; during this time, he tutored privately and wrote on some discoveries that he had made. But this had no effect on Galileo.

It was a discovery that Copernicus had made 60 years earlier. Galileo made one of his greatest discoveries as he sat in a cathedral of Pisa.

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Although in the popular mind Galileo is remembered chiefly as an astronomer, however, the science of mechanics and dynamics pretty much owe their existence to his findings. This great astronomer was a marvel at his work, he introduced controversial concepts that the church did not accept but those that he believed were to be true. His father sent him to the university to study medicine, but young Galileo was more interested in science and mathematics. In hydrostatics, he set forth the true principle of flotation. When he challenged this it made all of the followers of Aristotle extremely angry, they would not except the fact that their leader could have been wrong. For a long time people thought that heavier objects fall to Earth faster than lighter ones.

In 1633 Galileo was brought before the Inquisition, the Church's court. By dropping objects of the same size but different weights from the Leaning Tower of Pisa Galileo showed that this wasn't true. (C/S 436) He once proclaimed the bible teaches us how to get to heaven, not know how heaven goes in his defense. As he watched a chandelier swing back and forth he noticed that longer and shorter swings took the same time. During the time this telescope was built, the belief of most people, including the Catholic Church, was that the Earth was the center of the universe.

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