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Comparison contrast essay assignment sheet

comparison contrast essay assignment sheet

simply ask that you compare the two novels. It also tends to produce a more tightly integrated and analytical paper. #uggested #teps: ).0elect a topic from the list "elo, or see# approal for a topic of your on choosing. A fun way to introduce compare and contrast writing through collaborative learning and peerworkshopping for elementary, ELL, and emergent writers. To use the alternating method, you just need to have something noteworthy to say about both A and B in each area. Knight, compare/Contrast Research Essay, description : For your first full-length essay assignment, you ill compose a comparison or contrast essay on a topic of your choosing. Things to Consider: 3he comparison or contrast shoul! Similarities outweigh differences: Although Darwin and Lamarck came to different conclusions about whether acquired traits can be inherited, they shared the key distinction of recognizing that species evolve over time.

See# approal for a topic thatinterests you "eyon! Make sure you know the basis for comparison. Alternating method: Point-by-point pattern, in the alternating method, you find related points common to your central subjects A and B, and alternate between A and B on the basis of these points (ababab ). 90ho that one su" ect is "etter than the other.3he thesis can present the su" ects, in! A more complex thesis will usually include both similarities and differences.

The block method is particularly useful in the following cases: You are unable to find points about A and B that are closely related to each other. Er to support a kronk writing an essay claim about one or both of them.*emonstrate a"ility to research, analy'e, an! Or Like A,.) This technique will allow for a higher level of critical engagement, continuity, and cohesion. For example, you might decide that. I ill supply suggeste! 9ring one or "oth of the su" ects into sharper ocus. Icate your focus either comparison or contrast, an!

Develop a list of similarities and differences. Easy introduction for lower level learners. Peer workshopping component, scoring rubric for grading, diploma for mastery of compare and contrast essay. Popular Resources, other Topics, compare/contrast or Comparison Writing Exercises and Worksheets.

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