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Mc-cdma with equalization thesis pdf

mc-cdma with equalization thesis pdf

an environment where there are large number of reflectors. Make sure that you do not miss a new article by subscribing to RSS feed OR subscribing to e-mail newsletter. The impulse response. Central Limit direct and indirect quotations in research paper Theorem, each path can be modelled as circularly symmetric complex Gaussian random variable with time as the variable. Multipath environment, in a multipath environment, it is reasonably intuitive to visualize that an impulse transmitted from transmitter will reach the receiver as a train of impulses. Plugging in the equation for transmit baseband signal from the above equation. Since the distance between the devices are much larger than the wavelength of the carrier frequency, it is reasonable to assume that the phase is uniformly distributed between 0 and radians and the phases of each path are independent (Sec.4.2, wireless-communication: TSE, viswanath ).

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A circularly symmetric complex Gaussian random variable is of the form, where real and imaginary parts are zero mean independent and identically distributed (iid) Gaussian random variables. The statistics of a circularly symmetric complex Gaussian random variable is completely specified by the variance. The received signal. Reference wireless-communication: TSE, viswanath Fundamentals of Wireless Communication, David Tse, Pramod Viswanath Note: In a future post, we will try and derive the probability density function of sum of squares of independent Gaussian random variables D id you like this article? The magnitude which has essay on what is my purpose in life a probability density, is called a Rayleigh random variable. For a circularly symmetric complex random variable. Rayleigh fading model, the phase of each path can change by radian when the delay changes. When there are large number of paths, applying. If is large, relative small motions in the medium can cause change of radians.

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