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Compare and contrast essay on alligators and crocodiles

compare and contrast essay on alligators and crocodiles

in Africa. They spend much of their time in the water. Family The alligator, on the one hand, is a member of the Alligatoridae family. Here are some questions to ask about the article: What do crocodiles and alligators have in common? They can swim very fast. Very young crocodiles and alligators eat worms and insects. How fast are they? Crocodiles and alligators are large, frightful-looking reptiles. Body Colour Crocodiles have an olive green or brown body coloration.

compare and contrast essay on alligators and crocodiles

Alligators and crocodiles are both relics of the dinosaur age, fac ing an uncertain future as humans encroach on their territory. Alligators and Crocodiles essays Crocodiles and alligators are two reptiles that. The first three differences between the alligator and crocodile are not. Results 1 - 20 of 11909. The Biggest Snowball Ever Word Work Writing Acti vities / Snowmen Comparing and Contrasting Venn Diagram and Essay Template.

They will kill and eat pretty much anything they can catch. But don't let this fool you. One difference worth mentioning is that alligators prefer freshwater, whilst crocodiles can tolerate seawater conditions better.

The Salt Water Crocodile and the Nile crocodile have been known to eat people. Continent Both species can be found on the American continent (South Florida yet the alligator is confined to the United States and China (only a handful left in the wild though). Hopefully, by the end of the article youll be an expert on the subject. This means their body temperatures become warmer as the air temperature rises and colder as the air temperature falls. Crocodiles and Alligators are prolific swimmers. Size One statistic I really love. On the other hand, the crocodile is part of the Crocodylidae stream. They appear to be slow out of water as they lay still for hours in the sun and may only move slowly every once in a while. What do both crocodiles and alligators do with their eggs? The enormous fourth tooth, on the lower jaw, is especially visible.

Sometimes young crocs will ride on their mother's back or even hide from predators in her mouth. The largest alligator ever recorded was from Florida, and measured.3 m (17 feet 5 inches). Alligators are darker in colour: blackish or gray is usually the norm. They use their teeth to tear off chunks and swallow them whole.

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