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Tough time don't last tough man does essay

tough time don't last tough man does essay

persevere. Then write down next to each if you gladly faced these difficulties. The question of how to persevere, in my mind, boils down to the question of how to keep a positive attitude. No matter what you are going through right now, remember that it will not last. Which is the attitude of perseverance? Did you notice a pattern in the instances where you persevered? How was your attitude those times, both at the start and at the end? The" then says that tough people do last. Keep a positive attitude and the task becomes less onerous. Given the current economic situation, this seemed an interesting" to tackle.

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The other reason is I like to test my limits. Because you are strong. Grab some paper and write down several of the difficulties have you faced in the past. Some say it is the small voice deep inside you that says arts of the contact zone essay hang on when the rest of you screams to give. I kept going to work, I kept moving forward with my life as best I could. It implies that the people who can weather the tough times are sufficiently tough to handle just about anything. If you havent, it is both gut wrenching and glorious at the same time. It can be tough to hang on, but thats what makes you a tough, or durable, person. Im not talking about bar room challenges, but the truly difficult portions of our lives. Try to smile through the bad times and laugh through the good times.

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