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The outsiders violence essay

the outsiders violence essay

them might be at that place and embarrass them there. This novel tells the story of the conflict between two different social groups, the greasers and the socs. Dally takes the blame for a crime he did not commit instead of turning in his friend, Two-Bit. Dallas is a player who loves to mess with many girls; he is also a tough part-time jockey who lived 3 years on the outskirt wild side of New York (Hinton 13). Debate raged over whether.

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"The rumble was. People challenge books because they think they are protecting the youth and society. Because when you act with violence towards jealousy there is conflict then leads to consequences. Dally snuck in to drive-ins because Dally hated to do thing the legal way. Like Tupac and Biggie Life: when people hurt my friends or family there is conflict Consequences for violence in society and in life Self: A way conflict has effected me in my life was my first fight. Dally is described through Ponyboys first person narration, he lied, cheated, rode in rodeos, he got drunk, jumped small kids he did everything. The Outsiders was seen as a story about teenage violence, rather than argument essay about marijuana legalization a story about the characters and how they dealt with such violence. Howd you like that haircut to begin just below the neck? In the related text, Simple Plans Welcome to my Life reveals teenagers to be upset, depressed and overwhelmed. Tired of books filled with clich├ęs and obligatory happy endings, she longed to write stories about real people with real problems, hoping to earn the respect of her audience by giving them stories to which they could relate. Dally spoke really loudly using offensive language so that the girls could hear, just to embarrass the girls. Teenagers in the novel The Outsiders represented as violent, disrespectful and rebellious.

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