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Petition essay

petition essay

led to depression in the early 1880s, rice and silk prices plummeted, and bankruptcies soared, pushing many into destitution and thousands into local uprisings against the system. Enactment of the Meiji Constitution.) In the mid-1870s, for example, a vigorous movement for freedom and rights (jiyu minken undo led by both former samurai and commoners, stirred the national political life mightily with rallies and petition drives demanding a national assembly, a constitution, and. The driving force in all of this lay with the government during the early Meiji years, but one of that forces most exceptional features was the role of private, popular groups in shaping the political evolution. Historically, however, the Satsuma Rebellion marked a positive watershed for the Meiji government.

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The result was a leaner government, and a less popular one. Indeed the drive toward creating a constitutional systemwhich everyone agreed was the essential characteristic of a modern statewas fueled by a constant, fierce struggle between popular and official forces. The 1870s saw former samurai in the northeast offend the Buddhist spirits by beginning to eat meat; they saw the rise of barbering and dairy-farming in the Tokyo region; they saw the spread of railroads, modern postal networks, fire-resistant brick buildings, a banking system, public. Creating a Modern System, 18771889, few would have considered the Restoration era complete, however, until a new political system was in place, a system approved as modern by the international powers. This, perhaps, is what made them so pragmatic; they developed policies without the restraints of ideology or customor of any overriding vision of where Japan should. And when Japans first political parties were created in response to that promise, the government seriously set about the task of drafting that constitution. And perhaps most important, the balance between Tokugawa and domain governments began shifting, with large and distant domains such as Satsuma (in southern Kyushu) and Choshu (on western Honshu) experiencing political and economic growth even as the shogunate sunk ever more deeply into a kind. Thousands of schools tied to temples, government offices, and private scholars gave Japan a literacy rate of perhaps 40 percent for boys and 10 percent for girls in the early 1800s, ranking it near the top of the world. Their willingness to work under inhuman conditions for pittance pay helped Japan compete on the world market; it also produced surprising amounts of resistance, with workers absconding, engaging in work stoppages, and even striking. And the culture of the cities was among the most innovative in the world, producing a combination of woodblock prints, kabuki theater, novels, haiku poetry, fashion fads, and lending librariesmuch of it tied to the geisha or female entertainers who presided over each citys entertainment.

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petition essay

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