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An essay on patriotism in nepali language

an essay on patriotism in nepali language

countries. A true patriot is one who is dedicated towards serving his nation. There is hardly any room to think about anything else in such a scenario. He is ready to sacrifice for his country without thinking twice. Sir Waiter Scott says that such a man will die "Unwept, unhonoured and unsung.". It must be promoted for the betterment of the country as well as the people residing there.

Everybody loves their own country, feels elated at her prosperity and sad at her adversity. Humanism should always be kept above patriotism. There have been several instances in the past wherein chauvinism has resulted in unnecessary conflicts turning into riots.

However, some people take this love for their country to the is it good to be a vegetarian essay next level. Patriotism Essay 3 (400 words introduction. If the mindset of people had been same around 100 years back, they would have never united and fought for the freedom of the country. Patriots put the nations interest above their own and work with devotion for its betterment. He puts the interest of his country and countrymen first and is willing to sacrifice everything for the betterment of his country. The youth of the country must love and respect the country and work towards building it strong. Patriotism is a common virtue. The feeling of patriotism is required for the betterment and development of a country. He will try to project the best image of his country when he comes into contact with people of other lands. You can select any Patriotism essay as per your interest: Patriotism Essay 1 (200 words patriotism is putting the interest of ones country first, working for its development and sacrificing for it if need. This is because people these days have become too engrossed in their own lives.

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