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A journey to murree essay

a journey to murree essay

animals made and so Luath courageously slept with her to comfort her! May 26, 2013, paragraph on memorable journey in hill station Murree. I had grave doubts in the beginning whether we had selected the right place for the trip or t I was familiar with the weather in Muree so it persuaded me to fall in with the plan. During the journey across the wilderness Tao gets scared and is comforted by Bodger. But then again, no cats have a use. One of the group member Shahid was not well. On the way Shahid pain increased and he felt very rtunately one of us brought some medicine with him we gave him some and he was almost cured. Next Essays Related to The Incredible Journey. The story begins with three pets named Tao, whom is a Siamese cat, Bodger whom is an English Bull Terrier and Luath whom is a Labrador retriever. It was late December when we decided to go for a trip to ree is a very beautiful hill station in the outskirts of Rawalpindi. We gathered in my room in the hostel and made the final plan of the ere were many doubts in the beginning and in fact we came across a lot problems, but when we sa t down and tried our best to find the.

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They live in Ontario, Canada with their family. The animals had to spend the night out in the wide-open Canadian fields. On our way we enjoyed a lot. They think that their family is essay on menace of roadside shops leaving them. I think he's kind of like Shawn Connery in the James Bond, 007 movies!

Bodger, an English Bull Terrier, is brave, most of the time, but still kind of stupid too! When we got to the bus station I asked Asif to go and buy tickets for us ter all, we entered the bus,sank in our seats and started our journey towards Muree at about 9 o clock.

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