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Thesis of corrigibility

thesis of corrigibility

behavior in one-shot-games to achieve cooperative equilibria. Informally argues that sufficiently advanced goal-oriented AI systems will pursue certain "drives" such as acquiring resources or increased intelligence that arise as subgoals of many end-goals. Describes DeepMind's superhuman Go-playing. Blog posts: (1) Approval-directed agents, Paul Christiano (2014). Blog posts: (1) Ambitious.

Covers propositional calculus, boolean algebras, predicate calculus, and major completeness theorems demonstrating the adequacy of various proof methods. The use in, the Corrigible and the Incorrigible of sex offenders as a recurring case study is particularly useful, and points towards some of the diverse fields to which this book contributes. Paperclip manufacturing but are likely pursue certain common subgoals such as resource acquisition. See Author's Response, prisons are never far from the headlines at the present time in the.

Broad perspectives on hcai - Overviews of challenges and approache s to hcai.
Corrigibility - Designing AI systems.
Ing the thesis that the concepts of analyticity and syntheticity are spurious.
And can arrive at an objective assessment, even though only a corrigible.

(3) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Norvig and Thrun. (3) Deep Learning, LeCun, Bengio, Hinton (2015). Argues that relatively few concepts may be needed for an AI to learn human values, from the amir aghakouchak uni stuttgart thesis statement observation that perhaps humans do this. (3) Designing the Whyline: A Debugging Interface for Asking Questions about Program Behavior, Andrew Ko, Brad. (2) Machine Learning A Probabilistic Perspective, Murphy (2012).

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