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Effect of global warming on indian monsoon essay

effect of global warming on indian monsoon essay

drought like situation. The agricultural sector is undergoing a bad experience. Environmental Research Letters, by researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Potsdam University. Though India is self-sufficient for production of agricultural needs, but, if such situation occurs, then, India will be pushed into global market. This encourages the government to ease the edges on the export of wheat and rice. The needs of the agricultural sector are mostly met from the rural area whose purchasing power is greatly affected by the poor monsoon. The past 10 years, with the exception of 1996, have been the warmest on record.

Price of agricultural products rises : Since there is deficit in the rainfall this year, the production of crops, vegetables and fruits is highly affected. No study has linked changes in the annual bbc bitesize higher english critical essay average global surface temperature to the outcome of the Indian monsoon. This will create drought like situation. In the countries like India, where agriculture is the greatest source of economy, monsoon season plays a pivotal role. Plant as many as trees in you nearby locality. Increased output of grains and oil seeds : A good rainfall tends to increase the productivity of rice, sugarcane, millet, oil seeds and cotton. Such systems result in a short span of intense rainfall over a relatively smaller area, Ravindran said.

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