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Sandy hook school shooting essay

sandy hook school shooting essay

psychologist in the front office and then proceeded. There were no video tapes set up in the elementary school. And then quickly seemed to get into character and play the roll of a grieving father. To start it off, police parked one-fourth a mile away from the scene and they werent in such a hurry. No trauma helicopters were ordered to go to Sandy Hook. Parents were worried that it was their child and hoped that it wasnt. Three out of four of those people were shot the next day in the massacre.

Some believe there is a reason for everything, but others do not see it the same way, and struggle to find meaning. And another unidentified man was briefly detained, but later released when he was found to be an innocent bystander (Hallowell). Adam Lanza, Newtown gunman, had hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

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But towards the end of my research, I realized that there are conspiracies to education better than money essay everything and we are given the right to believe them or not. It led to widespread discussion over gun control and the prevention of school violence. But, Initially, some media reported that only one child escaped the class room where the majority of the kids perished, but this ended up not being the case (Hallowell). He was apparently an off-duty tactical squad police officer from a nearby area. Even though the world today has become sick and twisted, I do not believe anyone would have the heart to fake twenty-seven deaths and twenty, which were within the age of five to seven. People shouldnt feel that way because its not a true tragedy. The emotional scars left on their family members are significant, as was the terror and heartache those family members undoubtedly felt when they first were notified that their loved ones were among the dead. While it has been widely reported that the car belonged to his mother, whom he also shot dead before heading to the school that morning, theorists believe that the car was registered to a man named Chris Rodia. And in some cases the individual simply has a mental issue and something just snaps. Before breaking into the school Lanza shot up a teachers car, Lauren Rousseau, along with several other cars. Com have played a big role in this shooting.

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