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Benefits of legalize medical marijuana essay

benefits of legalize medical marijuana essay

drug itself was not used as a popular recreational drug at the time and for this reason few saw a problem with using it for medical purposes. In Washington, users will have to buy their marijuana from state-licensed providers (Healy). The reason for this is that other medications often result in severe side effects, that marijuana does not seem to have (A Daughters Pain 1). There are many positives to using this substance, such as curing nausea, relieving anxiety, pain relief, whooping cough, insomnia, and asthma. The legal options for these aids patients are the human growth hormone, another type of hormone called Megace, and the synthetic THC pill, Marinol (Your Health 3). Prescription anticonvulsants are no effective for 20-30 of epileptic patients. Twenty-four percent of all subjects believed marijuana was an effective therapy for epilepsy(Gross).

The use of medical marijuana, something which has been proven to have minimal negative effects, must also be proven as a positive treatment if it is to become legalized. The decriminalization of marijuana can benefit society through medical benefits and by reducing the amount of money spent on drug enforcement. Furthermore, a major reason marijuana is not legalized is the many myths about the ill effects of marijuana. Washington and Colorado have recently legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Strong evidence that shows that regular use of marijuana for long periods of time could cause severe lung damage (Your Health 3). There is a lot of research that shows that marijuana may be a habit-forming substance but it is not addicting and there has yet to be found a lethal amount of this substance. (A Doctors Report 1). During the late seventies, and mid-eighties, six states performed research on how well marijuana operated on combatting chemotherapy related nausea and vomiting (Medical use of Marijuana 2). These different points of view result in many important issues regarding the use of an illegal drug for medicinal use. Another powerful supporting factor for the legalization of marijuana is the endorsement of physicians.

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