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Technology world war 1 essay

technology world war 1 essay

the way they used to be, a new kind of warfare called trench warfare came into existence. The Impact of Military Technology in World War 1 Essay introduction. Some examples are machine guns and flame throwers. This angered the. There were sixteen million deaths and twenty one million wounded. Air warfare was significant for the Germans in bombing the British while the British used the airlanes to combat them as well as to fight in Austria and the Ottoman Turkish Empire. In this sense, technology defiantly determined the nature of war through the industrial revolution, allowing mass production and new innovative ways to survive on the battle front. All of these new technologies were used throughout as well as after the war. The causes of World War One are extensively different from the ones of World War Two.

Innovative military technologies and weapons were implemented for all branches of the armed forces (land, sea, and air however the majority of new developments were used for land based forces. There were vast technological advances for both the allied and central powers during World War One.

Resentments from earlier wars, advances in technology and military strength and a chain of alliances all contributed to the first. Another advantage seen through the industrial revolution was that of mass munitions production, which allowed rapid and continuing production of weapons and in particular shells which were becoming a great shortage on the fronts. Combat morphed from a rapid, noble and relatively ephemeral thing to a completely new type of combat. Many other events and political beliefs combined to lead thirty-two nations into war. It wasn't until later in the war did the armies start using poison gas in artillery shells to solve this problem. The Causes of World War One 1525 words - 6 pages The Causes of World War One Some people believe that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was the primary cause of World War I, but it was just one event that triggered. Around 200 Americans were killed. More Essay Examples.

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