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Domestic animal cow essay

domestic animal cow essay

They are sometimes kept as pets. Advertisements: Men keep buffaloes for milk and for drawing carts and ploughing the field.

Advertisements: The dog is a very faithful animal friend to men. Camel: Camels have been designed for use in deserts. These are called domestic animals.

The donkey is a beast of burden. Image Source: g, kinds of Domestic Animals: advertisements: Different people keep different kinds of domestic animals in order to meet their different needs. It guards the house of its master. Their legs have been planned mainly for the sands. Hence, camels are called ships of the desert. This wool is used in making warm clothes The horse is kept for riding. Short Essay On Cow Lines About Cow Paragraph On Cow Speech On Cow Short Note On Cow Cow Essay My Favourite Domestic Animal Essay. Conclusion, these domestic animals are all useful to men. Short Essay On, cow, lines About Cow Paragraph On Cow. Hence, they can travel in the long deserts weeklong without any food or water. It eats grass, straw, hay, husk, and e gives us nutritious milk.

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