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Essay taj mahal

essay taj mahal

of history by invaders that the true greatness of India and Vedic culture has been stifled or hidden. Monarchs then used to attend court bare-bodied with sacred ash and colour marks on their bodies. But even this visual symbol has been blatantly misinterpreted. Here is one truncated ornamental Hindu palace pavilion being paraded as a mosque. For real research, water should be pumped out of this well to reveal the evidence that lies at the bottom. This gimmick of ancient Hindu architecture has no parallel. Oaks article in the Deepavali 1972 number of Marathi Dharmabhaskar monthly. Moreover those elephants have been beheaded, which is additional proof that on capture of that township Muslim occupants couldnt bear the sight of those Hindu elephants. Many months have passed Since I visited the Taj Mahal, but the beauty of the whole thing is still fresh in my mind.

In Gwalior too the 3 elements of effective thesis statement so-called Mahomed Ghaus mausolem has an identical interior proving that that too is a usurped temple. Stories of Allauddin, or Aladdin, and His Lamp come from ancient Vedic India, although many give credit to Arabia. Intricate, ornamented carving is sacrilegious and distracting for Muslims. But there are statues of Hindu Mahavants riding the elephants of the doors of each interior room of Khas Mahal in the Red Fort. This is emphatic proof of Indian history having been thoroughly falsified during Muslim rule in India. Photo # 13 : Such are the magnificent marble-paved, shining, cool, white bright rooms of the Taj Mahal temple palaces marble ground floor. Being exquisitely carved, Muslims call it Nagina (ornamented) mosque. Photo # 15 : This staircase and another symmetrical one at the other end lead down to the storey beneath the marble platform. That claim is baseless because (1) The entrance is of a temple design.

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