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Decision making in nursing essay

decision making in nursing essay

Paediatric Early Warning Scores. Additionally, clinical maturity will be addressed as a key component of critical thinking show more content, finally, the intervention must be evaluated for effectiveness. Although Jo gave consent for the treatment given, she did not, in the authors opinion, give informed consent. In addition, Carroll and Johnson (1990) suggested an alternative information-processing model that will draw around sequential stages. The use of reflection enables nurses to learn from there experience and build up an expert knowledge base. In paediatric nursing, a child is to be assessed within six hours of being admitted and then reassessed daily. Luker Kenrick (1992) believe that community nurses have there own personally owned knowledge that they find difficult to describe. In doing this the district nurse used his power to manipulate Jo into accepting the treatment the he wanted to give. Vowden (1997) agrees and suggests healing rates are poor and treatment costs are high, this could be as a result of nurses not referring patients to appropriate experts for assessment and using expensive, inappropriate dressings such as aticoat, which is impregnated with silver.

decision making in nursing essay

Decision Making in, adult, nursing Essay 3734 Words 15 Pages. Decision Making In, adult, nursing, ahh2036-N This assignment will critically analyse and justify the decisions based around a fictitious patient using a clinical decision making framework highlighting its importance to nursing practice.

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The author decided to focus on this particular decision, as she was influenced by the amount of evidence based research available on the issue, and how the district nurse chose to ignore the evidence, and made a decision on the basis of personal knowledge. The decision-making process in a district nursing assessment. (2002) Clinical Decision Making and Judgement in Nursing London Churchill Livingstone. Conclusion Clinical decision-making is an important part of the Nurses role. In learning disability and mental health nursing, a range of pressure sore assessment tools are used such as the Norton, Braden and Waterlow risk assessment scales, these are mainly used for patients who are not very mobile as in the adult field. The author will provide an overview of two general approaches to decision making, rational and phenomenological, by evaluating and analyzing them. It is imperative that nurses use suitable risk assessment tools as a guide to enable them to make effective decisions. University of West of England. Nurses should adapt to following guidelines the Early Warning Score offers, to help make clinical decisions that are best for their patients. The District Nurse didnt evaluate or reflect on the care he delivered. Its the nurses responsibility to make clinical decisions based on their learnt knowledge and skills.

Recommendations Joint education and clinical career pathways are needed to close the theory practice gap. It is the resistance to change practice that is cited by several authors (Gould 1986, OConner 1993, Koh 1993) as major influence inhibiting the introduction of research into practice. (2003) Creating a research culture in a nursing school.

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