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Dynamic character essay the crucible

dynamic character essay the crucible

the novel. The Crucible discipline essays for student life by Arthur Miller shows both static and dynamic characters. However as a whole this gives through evidence of the occurrence of witchcraft in the village of Salem. In the play The Crucible Reverend John Hale is an example of a dynamic character because throughout the course of the play his beliefs and views differ then those at the end of the play. Proctors the entire visit for any form of evidence that he could associate with the traits of a witch. The author gives little to no detailed physical description of him, but from Proctors speech, we can still picture him as a strong and powerful man who is able to keep every situation under the control, the kind of personality which earns him deep respect. Most people including Parris and Thomas Putnam are quick to believe witchcraft as the cause of Betty's strange behavior. Summary: The Crucible by Arthur Miller shows both static and dynamic characters. Hale overgoes a gradual change of character and belief as the play unfolds. He understands that his own sheer force of will is not enough to prevent the execution of his innocent friends, and he temporarily loses his faith when he shouts "God is dead" when he is arrested. This remark and even more so this hesitation by Hale reveals that at this point Hale has already started to question his own actions, but is not yet at the point of knowing if this"witchcraft" is actually just a lofty act by the.

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He has the ability to feel foolishness instantly when in a presence with a fool. It is his own suspicion, but he resists. In the beginning of the play Proctor comes off as a very shy character with not much to say about anything. Hale even demands to hear the Lords ten commandments form both. However Hale says "We cannot look to superstition in this. When he is asked by Hale how come he does not baptize his youngest son, his honesty is again thesis statement on peer pressure displayed. Throughout his investigation of this strange he is told of many other strange occurrences such as the girl's dancing in the woods, Tituba's admittance of conjuring spirits, and the death of 7 Putnam babies, that Hale becomes overwhelmed.

From the story, we can also see that proctor is a man with a extraordinary intelligence. Gradually, John becomes less sure of himself. In a drama, dynamic characters undergo changes in behavior, outlook, or attitude. This shows that Reverend Hale is a dynamic character because; when Reverend Hale first arrived.

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