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Thesis on translation studies pdf

thesis on translation studies pdf

thesis, the supervisor and the student should have a detailed discussion of expectations and requirements. . A-Z Index, graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, steps. All along during the thesis preparation process, a student will receive feedback and should expect to do revisions. Please note that absence has an impact on eligibility for funding. A thesis committee is made up of: the student the thesis supervisor, and usually at least two other professors. In this situation, if the student and professor agree that supervision would still be possible, the supervisor would have to keep in touch with the student during the study period. The thesis evaluation and defence process follows the procedures of the students home university, but the student spends a minimum of one year of study at the partner university. . A supervisor should not assume the supervised student is aware of any assumptions the supervisor has or any authorship or credit protocols that may exist in the area of research. If the research goes off in an unexpected direction, one that is not very familiar to the thesis supervisor, the student could see what opportunities are available and what guidelines the academic unit has for this situation. If so, the student, with help if needed from the interim advisor, should investigate the possibilities.

These agreements set out the expectations of the student and supervisor in relation to many of the issues covered in this Website section and help avoid conflict and misunderstandings. Beyond that, the student can talk to the university ombudsperson. Sometimes a potential supervisor is approached by a student looking for a thesis supervisor and both the student and professor agree it would be a good match, but the professor is going on an academic leave partway through the period in which the student will. After the meeting, and based on this agenda, the student prepares a brief report on what was discussed and decided, and shares this report with the supervisor. The student could consider joint supervision as an alternative to finding a new supervisor. The thesis supervisor plays the biggest role by approaching colleagues who have the expertise and inviting them to join the committee. The supervisor might also be able to arrange for a colleague to supervise the student during the leave period. Speaking to students and professors who do research in the proposed area of study will help clarify the students thoughts.

A supervisor who is going to be away for a month or even a couple of weeks while supervising a students thesis should let the student know well in advance. If the supervisor happens to be the graduate program director, the student should talk to the chair of the academic unit. How the thesis committee is formed varies from academic unit to academic unit. Below are examples of general and specific issues to be discussed during the preliminary meetings with the potential supervisor.

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