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Thesis on exclusive breastfeeding in ghana

thesis on exclusive breastfeeding in ghana

educated about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding and practicing it, I no longer go to the hospital frequently. Breastfeeding Week (!) might also help bring awareness. Compare with the recommended breastfeeding time of 6 months and you see the discrepancy. Nothing could be more wrong! Seriously, they are everywhere in often very non-sexual ways and its not a big deal. The low rate of exclusive breastfeeding is largely due to the introduction of water and other liquids at an early age. What do essays balanced paragraphs you think? Government must review the maternity leave from the current three months upwards to six months, men as heads of family who lead in the decision making process have a very vital role in promoting exclusive breastfeeding. Vanity (I do not want stretched out breasts corporate miseducation (formula is better) or something else? I decided to do some research and realized this is not a new trend, but a major health problem for Ghana.

It has also been established that advertisement of infant formulas could persuade mothers to opt for the use of pacifiers and bottle feeding instead of practicing exclusive breastfeeding. Additionally, there is stats for babies breastfeeding of 9 months as well as 12 months!). Background Mothers are encouraged to practice exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a child's life. Viewing the significant role exclusive breastfeeding plays in the proper growth and survival of babies, it is very critical that mothers are counselled, encouraged and supported to initiate exclusive breastfeeding. World Bank data the rate of mothers practicing exclusive breastfeeding to children under six months is 62,8. Section 57 (1 3-5) of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651 guarantees only 12 weeks, approximately three good website for research papers on animation months of maternity leave to breastfeeding mothers, however a breastfeeding mother may be lucky to receive additional 14 days provided that such a fellow underwent caesarean delivery during. The study sample (n 316) was based on infants (0-5 months old) during the survey period; extracted from the individual (women) data set. My fourth baby looks healthier than my first three children when they were at the same age. According to the report breast milk is rich in nutrients and anti-bodies and contains the right quantities of fat, sugar, water and protein, which are major pre-requisite to the health and survival of the baby. This is contrary to the effective health promotion messages that advocate six months exclusive breastfeeding. In my native Sweden, there is extensive education on breastfeeding both for parents-to-be in preparatory courses and at the hospital when your infant is just born.

The general objective of the study was to assess the predictors of exclusive breastfeeding among mothers in Ghana. In an interview with the GNA, a Senior Midwife at the Bolgatanga Municipal Health Centre, Mrs Mary Azika, confirmed that when babies were exclusively breastfed, their immune system was strengthened, enabling them to stand life-threatening illnesses like pneumonia and diarrhoea among other infections. To prove beyond reasonable doubt that exclusive breastfeeding is very critical, the Healthy Newborn Network report also says that for infants to survive, grow and develop properly, they require the right proportion of nutrients.

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