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Education better than money essay

education better than money essay

I will be mentioning some problems and most important crisis that todays higher education is facing. There is NO education without money. Knowledge gained makes a better person. Money lets you buy things, but to buy the right things one needs the proper knowledge about the object being bought. You need to help of money. Hence, knowledge is superior. The issue that affected me greatly in the past and is still contemporarily affecting me is definitely the unfortunate recession our economy is facing which caused havoc in my family, and almost permanently damaged my hopes in getting somewhere with my education. And in a post modern world like the one we are now living in where the world is not only powered by wealth but also the need to attain wealth, the influence of money have far outweighed that of education. On the other hand, a poor person can gain riches via the application of his/her knowledge. Please share what you feel about the same here: m, for great career opportunity, get instant updates on Education, Career Job.

Good Essays 1695 words (4.8 pages) - Why do college students need courses in the liberal arts. Good Essays 1946 words (5.6 pages) - A question millions of athletes, professionals, students, and parents have been asking for years, should college athletes be paid to play. Staples stated; Now, nearly two-dozen former student-athletes are suing the ncaa.

Is education better than money?

education better than money essay

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Surprisingly only a small amount of football and basketball schools are the ones bringing in all of the money that is earned all year. You need money to get education In reality how many of us attend school purely for the love of acquiring new information? You need money in every step of your life. I have a girlfriend who costs too much. It is always measurable. Because if you dont invest in education you wont grow in education. Dont most of us attend in hope of one day acquiring a degree so that we can increase our earning potential?

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