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Essay on life in a large city

essay on life in a large city

city life than the village life. There are many more shops and service outlets compared to a rural area, as they say 'you can buy anything in a big city'. Beautiful buildings exist side by side with smoky factories. Each person has his or her own opinion about where to live based on his or her life style.

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essay on life in a large city

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Though India is mainly a land of villages, there are many cities as well in the country.
Some of the cities, like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are very big.

The people get no opportunity to breathe free and pure air, or to enjoy clear sunshine. He cannot appreciate the charms of birds and flowers, or the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset as in a village. One thought brought up to explain this is, most people are strangers to one another in big cities, rarely knowing anything about each other and all striving to protect their business interests that brought them there in the first place. The growing presence of multinationals in cities like Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata and the like attracts thousands of youth to seek employment in them. There is no fellow- feeling. Life is very costly. All the comforts of life are available in a city. Highlight Text to add correction. They reach the top as the opportunities are many. One flaw of city living is the environment. Karana, the bigger city of Pakistan, is said to be the dirties city of the world. With presence of several parks, rides and play areas, elderly children can relieve their stress from the burden of school homework.

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