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Recent research papers on phytoremediation

recent research papers on phytoremediation

a model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, to express a modified bacterial gene, merBpe, encoding organomercurial lyase (MerB) under control of a plant promoter. N stimulate bioremediation in the soil closely associated with the plant root. These results show that significant TCE uptake and degradation occur in poplars. Phytodegradation is plants metabolizing pollutants. Not all plant species will metabolize, volatize, and/or accumulate pollutants in the same manner. For derived LFA indices of infiltration, stability and nutrient cycling. Source Ann cad Sci, 829 Nov 21 Abstract The results of this study indicate that the presence of plants did enhance TNT and TNB removal from iaap groundwater. Research has yielded some general guidelines for groundwater phytoremediation plants.

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They have an extensive root system, and are resistant to everything from gypsy moths to toxic wastes. By using the biomass-normalized K value, submersed plants are identified as having the highest explosives-removing activity (microgram explosive L-1 h-1 g DW-1). Alternatively, soil Pb and Cr6 may be inactivated in the soil by plants and soil amendments (phytostabilization). This technique is most useful when the contaminant is within the plant root zone, typically 3 - 6 feet (Ecological Engineering, 1997 or the tree root zone, typically 10-15 feet. Groundwater and plant tissue analyses indicate that in presence of the plants tested TNT is degraded to reduced by-products and to other metabolites that were not analyzed. Partial listing of current remediation possibilities. Poplars Nitrates from fertilizers From 150 mg/L to 3 mg / L in under 3yrs. 6.Even if the plants are contaminated and unusable, the resulting ash is approximately 20-30 tons per 5000 tons soil (Black, 1997). 8.Less efficient for hydrophobic contaminants, which bind tightly to soil. The demonstration, which ended in March, 1997, used native aquatic plant and hybrid poplars to remediate the site where an estimated 1-5 of the original pollutants still remain.

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